Your business may be eligible for Canadian government financial support - SRED Program

The Canadian government gives away well over $1.5 billion each year to companies for new, improved, or technologically advanced products or processes. This is called the Scientific Research and Experimental Development Program (SRED or SR&ED). This is the largest single source of federal government support for industrial research and development. For current, up-to-date information on this very useful program, please visit the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency's (CCRA) web site at http://www.rc.gc.ca/sred/. This financial support is designed to encourage businesses, including small and start-up companies, to do work that advances technology to develop new or improved products or processes. Please check up whether your activities are qualified for this government benefits. Our specialists provide the following quality services for your satisfactory achievements:

Review and standardize your technical reports supporting your claim;
Write-up technical reports for you;
Assist in preparation of documents supporting your claim;
Assist in internal auditing and cost/accounting management supporting your claim;
Assist you to establish an on-going system for your long-term operations.

You can choose one or whole package of the services on your needs. Our goal is to help you in your national or global growth. A 30 minutes free preliminary consulting is available by CCAFIP SRED specialist. this assessment will identify your eligibility for your own reference (examples: if you changed a yeast for bread, or supporting material for a kind of pills, or an ingredient for a cough syrup, you may consider to get back some funds for your labor and raw material cost, etc.). For assistance on both programs, please contact CCAFIP for details.

--- by Lihu Yao

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