Research Information from the Food Safety, Nutrition and Regulatory Affairs Program, University of Toronto

The main areas of research include functional foods, food safety and regulation, mechanism of food intake, obesity and related diseases, and fetal programming. The long-term objective is to understand the regulation of food intake and research functional foods / nutraceuticals in order to prevent and treat obesity and its associated diseases.

Current projects include:
1) The effect of milk and soybean proteins/peptides on the mechanism of food intake regulation in rat model and human subjects.
2) The effect of processed bean and potatoes on food intake and glycemic control of blood sugar in human subjects.
3) The effect of multivitamin supplementation on the growth, metabolic syndrome, oxidation status, and lipid profiles of offsprings in rat model.
4) The effect of physical and environmental factors on food intake regulation in children.
5) The effect of insoluble fibre on food intake regulation, appetite control, and gut hormones in hyperinsulinemic human subjects.
6) Effect of sugars and high fructose corn syrup on appetite control in human subjects.

--- by France Cho


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