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Facts about Food Processing and Food Service Industry:

1) In Canada, Food Processing and Food Service Industry are the largest industry. It is also called "recession proof" industry. During recession, most of the food companies will increase investment to take advantage of the lower cost to do business than other business cycles.

食品工业是加拿大的第一大支拄产业. 2) In Canada, approx. 350,000 people are employed in the Food Processing Industry. Food Processing Industry is the 3rd largest industry in Canada. Food Processing industry sales is approx. 13-15 billion/yr.

3) Ontario accounts for 65% of Food Industry in Canada. Toronto is the 2nd largest Food Manufacturing cluster in North America next to Chicago.

4)Many CCAFIP members are established in local food industry ranging from QA, production management, project management, engineering, and business management.

Job Opportunities Updated as of November 3, 2015:

1) Jobs in Nestle Canada Food Scientist for Confectionary. > > Youth Employment Program with Nestle Canada. > >

If interested, please send request to ccafip@yahoo.ca to apply.

2) QA Supervisors, Production Supervisors, and Production (Supply Chain Analyst) positions open. If interested, please send request to ccafip@yahoo.ca to apply.

3) Refriegeration Engineer position available at Saskatoon with Maple Leaf Foods.ccafip@yahoo.ca to apply.

. 4)R&D Director at PEI, R&D Co-ordinator in Ontario, Sanitation supervisor with Maple Leaf Foods at Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Details please .ccafip@yahoo.ca to apply.

5) Food Company looking for seasonal helper in Toronto area. Long term employment opportunity if reviewed positively during temp. work period, for information, please e-mail jianliu828@aol.com to apply.

6) Contract worker in Food Industry , please e-mail ccafip@yahoo.ca to apply.


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