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Voice for Chinese & Canadian food industry & Prof.

CCAFIP is a non-profit organization registered in the province of Ontario.
The Association will provide leadership and assistance to Chinese Canadian Professionals and Industries involved in the science, technology, manufacturing and marketing of food. The association will provide assistance to all members to achieve their goals.
The Association was founded on August 28, 2004 in Toronto. The Board of Directors are :
Jian Liu, Di Wang, and Lihu Yao.
The Executive officers are:
Jian Liu, Di Wang, Lihu Yao, Yingying Chen.
Current plan of actions for CCAFIP:
1)hold workshops to coach skills on job searching, networking, job profiling, and career development. The associaiton will set up mentorship program.
2)hold seminars to share knowledge, emerging technology and impact assessment, to promote commercilization.
3)act as "incubator" for business and professional ideation to support members on project implementation.
4)act as ambassador of food, nutrition, and health.


CCAFIP Founding Members (in alphabetical order)

Jian Liu, MASc, PEng, PMP
Specialized in Cost Improvement and Project Engineering for Food and Beverage Sectors
Di Wang, MASc, CQE
Specialized in Quality Management and R&D for Food Manufacturing and Retail Sectors
Lihu Yao, PhD
Specialized in SRED Application, Quality Management, and R&D for Food and Beverage Sectors

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